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Sculpting Sound

The Youtube Channel 'Sculpting Sound' was created by H.S. Botha and explores sound  in all its possibilities. He shares life

experiences, his love for silence and any means by which alternative music, sound or textures can be created. Subscribe to the

channel to stay up to date with new pieces as it is published.


Today is the beginning - starting again, with what is needed in this world. Being real, breaking barriers and boundaries. I don't like editing and mastering recordings too much, I love raw sound, raw recordings because we get so much more out the raw experiences and sounds around us. This is my guitar being broken for sound, art, and performance exploration & so much more!

The most unexpected sounds in combination with percussion sounds on a nylon string guitar, guitar case, triangle and music stand! The sounds accompanies a short video clip of a road trip back to Sydney from Wollongong.

An Interlude - Autumn Wind

A second interlude have been made available due to weather circumstances. The guitar that was broken in the first episode will be burnt in the second episode once the weather conditions has settled a bit.

Autumn Wind is a combination of raw sounds that I recorded in my backyard where you can see the beginning of The Blue Mountains. I've included an improvised piano piece that I recorded at Western Sydney University in 2017.

Episode 2 - Burning Acoustic Guitar: A Life Up In Flames

The same guitar broken in Episode 1 burnt as a way of letting go of the old and allowing new experiences to come.


Unexpected time, sound, movement and voices in a world of electronic possibility.

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